Four People in Federal Prison Due to Fraud Scheme

24 Jun

In order to successfully pull of this big crime two other crimes are needed, counterfeit passports and identity theft, these are issues that plague not only the United States but also other countries all over the globe. It is vital for countries all over the world to employ better tactics and stronger controls in order to reduce and possibly get rid of this problem for good. Counterfeit passports are then used to make fraudulent bank accounts for perpetrators to then use for their fraud schemes, when things go even worse, used to anonymously smuggle in goods and weapons from other countries.

What is known as a white collar job, bank fraud is the use of illegal means to get assets, property, or money owned or held by financial institutions, obtaining money from a depositor while pretending to be a financial institution or a bank is also bank fraud.

 In recent news, 4 Nigerian men who are residing in the US have admitted to be part of a big-time bank and passport fraud scheme in Rhode Island and in Massachusetts. The biggest question is: How in the whole universe did they plan on conning over 1.2million dollars?

They admitted that they have defraud different banks and banking institutions by the acquisition and alteration of passed checks from the commercial entities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Know more about integrity testing service.

Fake Checks

The altered checks have been deposited into fake bank accounts that the four men have opened by using counterfeit passports from Ghana, Africa, and Nigeria. They immediately withdrew the money from their fake accounts once the checks were cleared, this was to avoid suspicion and detection. 

They have been found to have stolen about 1.2 million dollars worth of fake checks and wire transfers by means of purchases and ATM withdrawals. That’s a big sum of cash stolen by a bunch of con artists. They have all pleaded guilty to have committed fraud, as well as the use of forged or counterfeit credentials and passports. Two of the men have been deported already while the two that were left have been ordered to pay amendments to the establishments that they have defrauded. Click this page to learn more now.

Thoughts on Screening Immigrants

If only the government made use of immigrant screening methods, inquiring them with regards as to why they came to the US, crimes such as these would be driven down. A recommendation of having the border and immigration patrols conduct lie detection tests to the individuals who, with the use of their training, they find suspicious.

People can forge credentials and steal documents. Counterfit documents and credentials can be made by skilled criminals but a new personality can never be made and a person’s true identity will never change.It’s as simple as that. This is why techniques like eyedetect will help you be able to spot a liar in just a few minutes.

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