Guidelines to help you Select the Best EyedDetect Machine

24 Jun

A new technology for lie detection has been developed called EyeDetect. It uses high-resolution infra-red cameras to scan eye movements, and a computer to analyze the data. EyeDetect is a less expensive system of lie detection compared to other detectors like polygraphs. Not many people understand exactly how EyeDetect works. The article below discusses the things you should consider when buying an EyeDetect system.

You have to consider how much the EyeDetect system costs. Advanced systems use sophisticated software and hardware that can detect and analyze involuntary eye movements with high accuracy and precision. They cost a lot of money to buy. There are less advanced systems which provide a much lower quality of service. It is not advisable to buy expensive equipment if the work you intend to use it for can be done with cheaper alternatives. Some manufacturers might sell you the EyeDetect software and hardware in one package, while others may charge you monthly or annually for using their software.

You also have to consider the technology used by the EyeDetect machines. Less advanced systems will not give the most accurate results. EyeDetect systems are continuously becoming more advanced, while getting smaller. Te resolution of EyeDetect cameras contribute very significantly to the quality of results you will get.

You have to look at the compatibility between the EyeDetect system you want to buy and the computers you are using. Some EyeDetect systems are only compatible with certain operating systems or models of computers. You should not buy an EyeDetect system if you are not sure it will run well on your computer. You can visit the EyeDetect manufacturer’s official website to read about any compatibility issues. Your computer should have full access to all the features in the EyeDetect system.

Another thing to consider is the brand of the EyeDetect. Some companies have access to the most sophisticated technology in the market. They are therefore able to produce more advanced systems at a fair price. You should find out which company manufactures the best machines. You can consult people you trust who already have EyeDetect systems. You can find beneficial information about EyeDetect systems by looking at the comments and reviews of other users on credible websites on the internet. 

You have to take into account the durability of the EyeDetect machine If you want to buy an EyeDetect system that you are going to use intensively for a long period, you should pick the most durable models that you can find. If you, however, intend to use the EyeDetect machine for a short while, a non-durable model will get the job done. Non-durable models are cheaper for short-term use, but expensive in the long run because they will need replacement frequently. View here for additional insights.

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