How to Remove Bias in the Hiring Process

24 Jun

It is essential that you come up with a structured hiring process if you are going to hire new workers and also the bias-free hiring would also demand that you would reflect on the business as well as the impact that they also have on your decisions. You surely have biases. There are those which you are aware of and the others work in the unconscious level. The different types of bias may surely impact your ability to be able to fairly as well as accurately assess those who would apply for the job.

Moreover, the biases can also be embedded in the organization and they are reflected in the organization practices, culture as well as policies. The individuals are a lot better to recognize and also reduce the impact of the biases in such process of hiring when they are going to increase their bias literacy. Through such, you will get to know your own biases and you will also be able to do something so that you will be able to have those new expectations for yourself and the organization as well. Read more here!

You may increase your bias literacy through increasing self-awareness and also engaging in such ongoing learning and also by increasing your comfort zone through interacting with more people who are much different than you. 

There are also important things that you may use for you to reduce the bias in the process of hiring. Such may really help you in a lot of ways. Something that you can do is to increase your self-awareness. This is the first step for you to be able to reduce the impact of the biases in hiring and you should know these biases. It is also very important that you take the time to explore your thoughts as well as feelings if ever you are not comfortable in talking with the person who isn't like you.

It is also helpful that you expand the comfort zone. You should be able to break out of your comfort zone and be able to talk with other people. This can surely help you so that you can increase your comfort level and such will decrease the stereotypes and biases.

It is also very important that you have that structured hiring process. It is very helpful that you have a formal and structured process when it comes to hiring people for the job. You can make use of the pre-determined interview questions which are also related to the duties of that job and include the things that you would be looking for and you have to determine the scores for every question.

Also, there must be consensus scoring. After the interview, the interview panel should take the time to talk about the responses of the candidates and present their scores and they should agree to the final score of the candidate. It would also help a lot that you give time between the interviews for evaluation. The assessment of a certain candidate must happen at once after the interview and this must not be rushed.

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